About Bandicoot Adventure Flights

What we offer

Bandicoot Adventure Flights are offering you a range of unique flight experiences. These experiences include:

  • The ultimate adrenalin pumping adventure ride for those of you daring enough to try our Aerobatics Adventure Flights in the Pitts Special, or,
  • You can experience our Serenity Adventure Flights in the open cockpit Tiger Moth touring around as an aviator form a bygone era.
  • Coming soon to Latrobe Regional Airport is our Robinson R44 and mighty World War 2 Texan T6.

Our pilots can also offer you Scenic and Joy flights in more conventional aircraft along with our partners at the Latrobe Valley Aero Club and Bairnsdale Air Charter.

If you want to learn to fly, our Latrobe Valley Aero Club partners will help you out.

Advanced training is available in our Pitts Special for existing pilots who have – at minimum – a Private Pilot License (PPL). Prior to flying the Pitts Special, we recommend and can help you get your get your endorsements in Constant Speed, Tail Wheel and initial Aerobatics endorsement in easier to fly and less expensive aircraft.

Whatever adventure you choose, we welcome you, your friends and family to come and enjoy your adventure. At our facility friends can watch your flight from the security area. With our staff you and your friends can be escorted to the aircraft for photos (please see condition for this).

Our Pilots

The Bandicoot Pilots are all qualified and fully accredited Commercial Pilots with considerable aerobatics experience.

David Knowles

David Knowles is known to his friends as “Dave Bandicoot”. Dave flies both Airplanes and Helicopters and is an Australian aerobatics competitor.

Gerard Lappin

Gerard Lappin is our Advanced training instructor. Gerard can also teach you from the beginning, including all your required endorsements.

Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell is an instructor also and has flown aerobatics in our Pitts for about the last 10 years.

Bandicoot Flight Attendants

The Bandicoot Flight Attendants are trained to guide you through the inductions and briefings that are required to undertake these adventures. Safety is our priority.

Flight Attendants help you get in and out of the aircraft and ensure your safety harness is fitted correctly. As you become airborne the flight attendants follow your flight, inform your friends of what’s happening throughout each stage of the flight and of course serve tea or coffee.