For pilots wanting advanced training

Advanced Training in Bandicoot Pitts Special at Latrobe Valley in Traralgon, Gippsland

Advanced Training in Bandicoot Pitts Special VH-UDK

We’ll give you a guiding hand.

If you need a  guiding hand  with advanced training, Gerard Lappin is your best choice of instructor. Gerard is an extremely experienced and diverse Commercial Pilot, Instructor and Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME), well known throughout Australia.

Our Pitts Special is for existing pilots who are  PPL qualified. Prior, we recommend and can help you get your get your endorsement’s in Constant Speed, Tail Wheel and initial Aerobatics endorsement in less expensive and easier to fly aircraft (Decathalon, Cessna Aerobat).

Advanced training is tailored to suit your needs, your aircraft type and includes;
• Emergency Maneuver Training
• Basic and Advanced aerobatic training
• Upright and Inverted spin training

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0427 889 467


 If you want to learn to fly an airplane, our Latrobe Valley Aero Club partners can help you out.  A trial instruction flight (TIF) is a great way to have a go at the controls with out committing to further training. Please contact Latrobe Valley Aero Club.