Tiger Moth

VH-BTH and VH-GWG      (fly this Aircraft)

Each Tiger Moth is a DH82A whose history dates back to the 1930’s. These aircraft are maintained by Chris Harrison. Chris’ business is “Vintage Aero Spares” and operates from Latrobe Regional Airport. Chris is a pilot and aircraft mechanic specialising on these and other vintage aircraft.  Along with the Tiger Moths at Latrobe Regional Airport are vintage aircraft including, Austers and an Avro 643 .

Detailed aircraft restoration is carried out by Brian and Damien “Damo” Turner who own LV Airframes & Welding Pty. Ltd. Brian and Damo are both Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who’s skills allow them to rebuild not only metal framed and metal skinned aircraft but wooden framed and fabric covered aircraft such as these vintage types.

Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth Specifications

The Tiger Moth is a de Havilland D.H.82. This is a single-engine two-seat trainer biplane aircraft produced by the British manufacturer, the de Havilland Aircraft Company.

  • Propulsion: 1 Piston Engine
  • Engine Model: de Havilland Gipsy Major 10-2
  • Engine Power: 108 kW/145 hp
  • Speed: 107 mph (172 km/h)/93 kts
  • Service Ceiling: 4.450 m/14.600 ft
  • Range: 443 km/239 NM
  • Empty Weight: 506 kg/1.116 lbs
  • Max. Takeoff Weight: 828 kg/1.825 lbs
  • Wing Span: 8,94 m/29,3 ft
  • Wing Area: 22,2 m²/239 ft²
  • Length: 7,29 m/23,9 ft
  • Height: 2,69 m/8,8 ft
  • First Flight: 26.10.1931
  • Production Status: out of production
  • Total Production: over 8000

Variants include the DH.82 Tiger Moth I, DH.82A Tiger Moth II, and DH.82C Tiger Moth. Some Australian history on the Tiger Moth can found at Geoff Goodall’s Aviation History.

Other details of the Tiger Moth can be found here on Wikipedia.