Bandicoot Family

Our Bandicoot family is about having fun in aviation and related activities, you’re bandicoot friend allows you access to these events and activities. Name your bandicoot who will carry your surname. He or she will be invited to our activates and of course so will you. You can earn points that can be used to acquire gifts from our shop, towards  flights, donations to charity or a gift for some one else.
Photos and details that you give us of your Bandicoot’s activities can go on our family page here or on our facebook page. We will not publish details about you unless you are tagged on facebook or unless you give us permission.  E.g. If your Bandicoot is named as “Bill Texan” from “Kalangadoo” to the public he will be known as “Bill from Kalangadoo” or “Bill T”.

Your Bandicoot is the “Eastern Barred Bandicoot” , an Australian marsupial. You can support Australian Zoo’s to keep the Bandicoot and other unique Australian wildlife from extinction. Volunteering in  conservation volunteers programs supported by Parks Victoria will earn you points.

On completion of the registration form you will receive a new tag with your Bandicoots name and a QR code.

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Band of Bandicoots, Flying Bandicoots

Band of Bandicoots

Meet Bernard

Bernard Bandicoot is a friend of Dave’s and is known for his flying ability as can be seen here flying a Piper Pacer. Bernard also enjoys the scenery, especially through out Gippsland.

Bernard Bandicoot heading due East at 3500 feet s

Bernard Bandicoot heading due East at 3500 feet

Bernard Bandicoot enjoying the view s

Bernard Bandicoot enjoying the view

Bernard likes to encourage Dave to be involved in donations of Blood products at the Australian Red Cross as seen here.


Bernard Bandicoot Plasma Donation Aug2015 s

Bernard helping with Plasma Donation

Blood donations earn lots of points towards flights and Bandicoot merchandise.