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Latrobe Regional Airport

The Airport Runway is the most important main street in any town. ~ Norm Crabtree

Latrobe Regional Airport have 2 of these main streets. Latrobe Valley and Gippsland benefit economically by business located here, businesses who transit through this airport and national businesses having a presences in Gippsland.

Emergency services established at Latrobe Regional Airport include; DSE State Emergency Centre , Ambulance Victoria HEMS, Country Fire Authority, and State Emergency Services.

Latrobe City continue to support this Airport, our community, nurture growth and opportunities. Latrobe Regional Airport Management have implemented many improvements at this airport and it’s future is secured through the Airport Master Plan. These improvements improve accessibility for emergency services, operators, recreational aviators , existing business, and initiatives to attract more business into Gippsland.

Bairnsdale Air Charter

Bairnsdale Air Charter offer scenic flights over the beautiful Gippsland Lakes and out to the oil rigs.

  • 24/7 all weather service to anywhere in Australia.
  • Aerial Freight, Survey, Photography, Surveillance and much more.


 Latrobe Valley Aero ClubLVAC logo

The primary activities of the Aero Club are flight training, aircraft charter, joy flights and aircraft rental to club members. The club employs experienced, professional flight instructors and support staff, owns its own fleet of training and rental aircraft and has a comfortable club house incorporating well equipped flying school facilities at the Latrobe Regional Airport.

The Latrobe Valley Aero Club offers training for all standards whether learning for pleasure (Private Pilot) or for a career (Commercial Pilot). Our staff can tailor a suitable training course to suit your needs.

The Latrobe Valley Aero Club also caters for Recreational Aviation training having currently updated it’s fleet with the addition of the Tecnam P92 Eaglet and having become affiliated with Recreational Aviation Australia.

The Club is proud of its safety record and the high standards achieved by graduate pilots. Pilots trained by LVAC fly with domestic, international and regional airlines, charter and air agricultural companies, flight training schools and the Armed Services.

The Club offers many flying activities for its members such as fly-aways, flying safaris, air shows and flying skill enhancement competitions.

The club incorporates an active social club which is open to all members over the age of 16.


East Coast Aviation

East Coast Aviation was established by David Dawson in 1993 to service the Latrobe Valley Aero Club and some privately-owned aircraft. This client-base rapidly expanded to include some commercial operators and many more private customers.

East Coast Aviation now employs ten staff with license coverage from sport aircraft to pressurised, multi-engine IFR aircraft, with petrol and diesel-piston engines, turbines and turboprops. They now service many aircraft types ranging from wooden homebuilt aircraft to twins and warbirds.

Airfield Rd, Traralgon 3844, 5174 3666

Vintage Aero Spares

Chris Harrison

vx118@sctelco.net.au, 0402 937 747


LV Airframes & Welding Pty. Ltd.small LV Airframes

Airfield Rd, Traralgon
Ph: 03 4114 4218
Mob: 0429 172 740


Yarram  Parkside Aerodrome

With  support from the Wellington Shire Council Bandicoot Adventure Flights are licensed to operate from Yarram Parkside Aerodrome. If you live nearby we will come to you. Wellington Central Gippsland Tourism has some great activities to be part of.

Yarram Aero Club is very friendly group of enthusiastic aviators who we are proud to be associated with. The club is proactive with improving facilities at Yarram and encourages progress through council.  You can learn to fly here also.

 Ultimate Thrill RideUltimate Thrill Ride

For mind-numbing aerobatics in an Extra 300, see our friends at Ultimate Thrill Ride who are on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Australian Aerbatics Club Australain Aerobatics Club

The Australian Aerobatic Club (AAC) represents and promotes the sport of competition aerobatics in Australia. The club provides opportunities for aerobatic pilots to train and compete at state, national and represent Australia at international level.