Giles 202


The first Giles 202 was brought into Australia by Red Bull pilot Matt Hall. The Bandicoot Giles 202 was the second of its type brought into Australia in 2006 and is our main aerobatics competition aircraft. The Giles has exceptional performance due to its carbon fiber construction, aerodynamic design and high power to weight ratio.

Giles 202 Specifications

Propulsion: 1 Piston Engine

Engine Model: Lycoming IO-360-A1E

Engine Power: 175 kW               235 hp

Speed: 415 km/h             220 kts

Range: 960 km                 500 NM

Empty Weight: 450kg                  992lbs

max. Takeoff Weight: 726 kg                  1600 lbs

Wing Span: 6,71 m                  22,0 ft

Length: 5.89m                 19.4ft

Height: 1.70 m                 5.7ft

G-loads: +/-10g

Roll rate: >400°/s